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I have been lucky enough to perform and record with some of the most successful bands in the South-West from 70's Funk to Rock Opera. Variety is the spice of life as they say and I've played everything from Black Sabbath to Bach on National TV to Smokey Jazz clubs. Professionally, nothing gives me more pleasure than a musical challenge or a call to help out some fellow musicians.

I am regularly performing Classical Guitar at weddings, corporate events and social gatherings and really enjoy the way just a gentle selection of timeless music can help to make someone's occasion even more special.

To hear more about how to hire me for your event, please call 07720 810742 or click here to contact me.

I have played sessions on a lot of recordings over the years, live and in studios. I can sight read drum or guitar parts and love improvising a gig with just a nod and a wink.

Kit list
Ludwig Drums
22" Bass Drum
12" Rack Tom
16" Floor Tom
Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum
14" Paiste Hi-Hats
16" Paiste Crash
20" Paiste Crash Ride

I am available for studio session playing and depping in most styles and would be happy to help and offer advice to any band or musician that could benefit from my experience.

Please call 07720 810742 or click here for any session or depping enquiries.

Here are some bands you may remember and some
real highlights for me over the past few years.

Flash Harry
Run for Cover

One of the top Bristol bands playing American style rock from 1989-96, regularly packed out the Fleece and Firkin. High standard of musicianship with musicians from top Bristol bands. Music in the vein of Toto, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Foreigner, Andrew Gold.


This was a musical comedy conceived and written by Vivian Stanshall ( Bonzo Dog Do Dah band). Myself along with the rest of Flash Harry had an intensive rehearsal regime that saw all of us sight reading all the parts under the conductorship of Peter Moss a well-respected London composer. Stinkfoot received rave reviews. Cast members included Tony Slattery and Nikki Lambourn.

Rinky Dinks
Rinky Dinks

Top Bristol ukulele supergroup the Rinky Dinks asked me to dep for their drummer for an interview and song session at Radio 5 Live in London.


I co- formed and played in Jeliphish for a number of years. They are an excellent 70's Funk/Disco band.

For Sessions and Gigs, call me now on 07720 810742
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